Hi, I’m Brandie.

I know exactly how it feels, trying to navigate the rough waters of new parenthood. There are so many things no one warns you about. The lack of sleep, for one.

The intense ways you are triggered by your baby’s insatiable needs, cries, and judgements from others. You have these fierce, protective instincts that sometimes clash with what popular media and others are telling you to do.

Then there is figuring out who you are now, and what your life looks like now that you carry the responsibility of raising a human.

If you are a parent finding yourself in a state of exhaustion, overwhelm and confusion, I am here to help!

Parenting can be totally crazy-making.

I have been there myself, and have since dedicated my entire business around providing education, tools and caring ears to hear parents without judgement and give YOU the validation you’re seeking from a place of empowered confidence.

I can help you figure out LIFE–and coach you in creating one that feels authentic and meets your needs monetarily, as well as emotionally.

“Live life with Love” is my motto and mission – and if that resonates with you, you are in the right place.

I do not believe everyone must live their lives according to some template dictated by mass media. My philosophy is rooted in attachment theory, with the understanding that the first three years are the most critical in setting the stage for a lifetime of mental health.

My approach respects your small child’s very real and valid needs, while using a variety of tools to ensure your health and wellness while you meet the demands of early parenting. I offer parent coaching as an alternative to sleep training (I do not endorse leaving a baby or toddler to “cry-it-out”). I ask parents the powerful questions to help them make those tough decisions, and help them build up the competencies required in themselves to successfully manage their brand new world.

Through improved stress management, flexibility, self-care, and a good understanding about infant and child development, instead of feeling in crisis, you will have used the challenges of new parenthood as a powerful catalyst of spiritual growth.

I have worked in the health and wellness industry for 15 years, helping clients feel like the best version of themselves. I also have a background in human resources where I coached employees to define their strengths, play to them and create dream opportunities. I am still very passionate about this subject and offer parent coaching in this area as well.

I created my programs and methods by combining what I have learned in their fields of health and nutrition, social sciences, adult learning, psychology, affirmations and the law of attraction. I have studied psychodynamic psychotherapy, and am certified in the coaching specialties of family nutrition, attachment parenting, and emotional intelligence. A lifetime certified Dr. Sears Health Coach, I am the President of Attachment Parenting Canada, and co-creator of the Infant Sleep Educator certification in partnership with bebo mia. inc.

Let’s Build Something Wonderful Together.

Work With Brandie

“Why won’t you just GO. TO. SLEEP?!”

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