Bedtime Song Playlist for Babies and Toddlers

Bedtime Song Playlist For Baby or Toddler!

I love to share the benefits of motion with my clients and students. One of the studies we look at in our Infant Sleep Educator certification comes from McMaster University.

In the study toddlers were danced with and it showed the positive effects of increased empathy. Not only that, other benefits of motion and sleep include the aiding in gross motor and even language development!

I created this family bedtime playlist for you to use and enjoy!

I hope you have fun with it, and also with creating your own bedtime playlists. The best bedtime playlist will be songs that lift you up, and create calm and peace in your mind and heart.

Happy dancing & sweetest of dreams!
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  1. Thanks for sharing this Brandie! Great taste in music! And I was just about to see if my sleepy boy wants to nap, so I’m going to scoop him up and listen and dance! 💚

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