Dream with Brandie Hadfield

"Why won't you just go to sleep?!"

Have you found yourself uttering these words to your child? You're not alone. Download 'End Bedtime Battles In 4 Steps' today and start down the road to beautiful bedtimes.

E-book cover: End Bedtime Battles in 4 Steps

Grab your free guide and start sleeping better tonight!

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    Bed-time checklists for babies and toddlers
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    4 simple steps to make bed-times so. much. easier.
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    Tips to help you overcome the nightly power struggles
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    Interactive 'Time for Sleep' wind-down map for young kids
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    Cut-out affirmation cards to relieve your stress
Stacey S., a former client of Brandie Hadfield, smiles into the camera.


I met Brandie through the Infant Sleep Educator course with Bebo Mia. She is such a fountain of knowledge! She is up to date on all the current research, and shares her knowledge in such a kind, thoughtful, non-judgemental way. The guidance and support she offers her students is amazing! If you have a chance to take a class with Brandie, I would highly recommend you go for it!

Stacey S. Former Student

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