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About Brandie

Certified Coach Brandie Hadfield is passionate about supporting people to tune into their own inner wisdom. In 2012 Brandie created The DREAM Method, an alternative to sleep training, and "The Art and Science of Healthy Family Sleep," which she offered to Toronto families. In 2016-2018 she certified hundreds of doulas online to enable the expansion of her unique approach to parents around North America. Recently, Brandie has proudly exited from an MLM (multi-level marketing company) and is working towards becoming a Registered Psychotherapist so she can expand her area of scope to work with those leaving situations of coercive control and survivors of cultic abuse. Brandie has written for publications such as Attachment Parenting International, Attachment Parenting Canada, Alternative Families International and Natural Parent Magazine.

The Screen-Free Challenge!

The Screen-Free Activity Book offers a whimsical approach to help families reduce screen time and find new ways to be together. Sharing her family's experience of putting away screens for a year and the positive impact it had on their lives, Brandie Hadfield provides ideas for families to pass the time without screens, including challenge trackers to encourage getting active and fostering an appreciation for reading and connecting with nature. The activity book aims to remind readers of the beauty of the world beyond screens and enable families to see the benefits of reducing screen time.

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Reviews for The Screen-Free Activity Book

Exactly what our family needed to have some structure with going screen free. The 7 day screen challenge has been wonderful for my 5 year old. Before all she could think about was when she could watch a show etc…now she can go into her play space and play, build legos, pull out books, paint, colour and so much more.

- Fahreen S

You can immediately tell this book is created by a hands on mom. The activities are engaging, will inspire a wide age range and are beautifully simple. I really like how the positive success is built in, it doesn’t feel preachy or grown up blaming, instead it’s encouraging and inspiring! Highly recommended!

- Kelly Y

We absolutely love this activity book. There are so many great ideas for screen-free activities inside and out. It's beautifully designed and the "screen-free days" trackers are really helpful visuals! They encouraged my daughter to keep going with the challenge, ("we have to colour in the whole rainbow!") So happy we ordered this book!

- Jess B

Every family needs this book!! My kids were glued to their iPads and when they weren’t on them, they didn’t know what to do! The pictures, activities and challenges are so engaging for kids! My kids are always asking to do their screen free book. It’s also helped us start important conversations.

Love love love this book!!

- Stephanie R


My support is non-dogmatic. My only aim is to help you tune in to your own inner knowing. I believe ultimately you are your own best hope, but I can hold up a mirror for you to see just how capable, strong and incredible you are!

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Available for consulting, workshops or speaking events on topics pertaining to parenting and home education.


Feedback from Clients

Brandie really helped me hone in on the direction to take with my daughter's education, as well as with my own career as an Early Childhood Educator. I greatly appreciate having worked with her!

- Aurora Butters

- Gillian Bennett

Brandie was such a wonderful support in my life, I was left wishing we were neighbours and could go out for the occasional glass of wine! I felt I was in the presence of someone who had no agenda, who provided genuine support through our challenges.

To say Brandie helped me to find myself as a mother is an understatement! Before working with Brandie I felt frustrated and at odds. My son and I were able to find our groove after Brandie's in-home support.

- Joanne B.

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